Dreams & Direction

“My dreams have always been vivid, lucid, and colorful. While dreaming, I was told by the many masters, whose work I studied and learned from, that I was ready to ‘paint with glass.’ Their directions were, ‘smash glass and we’ll guide you. You are ready to paint with glass. You have learned enough from us.’ That was my introduction to painting with glass.

“Next, I looked around my home at my paintings, wondering which one would be my first. The long one in my foyer, 3×5 feet with a spiritual motif and three levels, said, ‘Paint me, I’m the first.’

“I did not hesitate. I brought it up to my studio, set it up on my easel, and began working on the long flight of stairs. The picture contained portals to other realms, and seemed to make itself. I used some of my old jewelry, and various elements from the garden and the beach. I called that painting ‘Meditation.’ It represents the place in which I live as I thank my guides for their directions.”

Up Close and Personal

Art is a profoundly spiritual act, requiring the artist’s willingness to be vulnerable, open, and honest. It is an invitation to come inside the artist’s world to see, hear, or touch what would otherwise remain hidden away if not for the artist’s willingness to risk being misunderstood or even ridiculed.  

The most extraordinary art is born in the deepest parts of one’s soul, in the hidden places unseen by the naked eye. It is born in the womb of experience, of things seen and lived, of emotions and thoughts needing to be expressed.

Having lived many years on this planet and lived through things most of us will never experience or see, Eleanor’s life has given her a depth and wealth of creative fodder. Twenty years ago, she survived a brain tumor and surgery and began to hear the word “Paint” over and over again. It was then her art began to blossom and grow to become the incredible gift we see today, not only here on these pages but hanging in museums and galleries, on the walls of private collectors, and now as NFTs available to the digital collector.

Eleanor lives her life fearlessly, colorfully, boldly, and then she plumbs the depths of her soul to share with us what only she can share. What only she can know. What only she can sense.

That is the life of an artist. To invite others into the artist’s experience.   

This is your personal invitation to come inside the world of Dr. Eleanor Ruth Fisher and see what her soul sees.